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Resident Assistant

Job Title:
Resident Assistant
Residential Life
Job Summary:
II. Job Requirements
A. On Call (Duty) Responsibilities
1. Participate in "ON DUTY" rotation. This rotation ensures an S/RA is on duty during evening, night, early morning, and weekend hours. This includes working the RA office 8pm-12am (longer if RD asks) and doing rounds every two hours, 8pm-12:30am (8pm-2:30am on Friday and Saturday).
a. Weekday Duty: Sunday-Thursday on call time is 5pm-5am
b. Weekend Duty: Friday-Sunday on call time is 5pm (on Friday) to 5pm (on Sunday).
i. Two RAs are on call Friday and Saturday.
(i) One of the Two RAs must be on campus during that time.
(ii) One RA at a time can leave campus for three hours for the entire weekend
(iii) Ex: On Friday at 5pm the first of the two RAs would be primary until 8pm when both RAs will be on until 5am. At 5am on Saturday, the second RA will be primary during the day until 5pm, at which the first RA will be back on at 5pm. The process repeats for Saturday to Sunday. (Note, this could flip flop so RA one can have an evening and the day and vice versa.)
c. RAs can be around campus 5pm-8pm, (5am-8pm Sat and Sun) but must be able to respond when needed, within reason.
B. Being Part of A Team
1. Making a community not only with your residents, but also with of your fellow RAs while on staff.
2. Working with people of different backgrounds to run the building in a welcoming manner.
3. Encouraging and supporting your fellow RA team.
4. Work together with a philosophy of enhancing student growth and development across campus.
C. Administrative Duties
1. Assisting in the operation of Office of Residential Life activities, student conduct, and general administration.
2. Document violations of college policy.
3. Maintain frequent and regular contact with supervisor.
4. Maintain accurate records of the residents on your floor and conduct a weekly review of this information.
5. Assist with the opening and closing of your assigned building at breaks and at the start and end of semester.
6. Attend and contribute to staff training and workshops and weekly staff meetings.
7. Attend and contribute to in-services throughout the academic year.
8. Serve on Residential Life committees, including Social Media, Facilities, Programming, etc.
9. Amorous relationships amongst building staff member are not permitted.
10. Be alert to recognize problems and notify the Resident Director and/or Resident Director on Duty.
11. Assist in the evacuation of halls during emergencies.
12. Perform other duties as assigned
a. There may be times when RAs are asked to do something that is not explicitly stated but are in the realm of the RA Employment Agreement.

D. Community and Resident Engagement
1. Familiarize residents with departmental and college policies
2. Knowing that S/RAs at Albion College have the opportunity to aid Albion College students in becoming future leaders.
3. Use different programming methods to engage with the residents of your hall/building.
4. Assist students in maintaining an environment conducive to academic success.
5. Mediate Resident and Roommate Conflicts
6. Develop and maintain healthy and professional communication with residents.
7. Initiate contacts, make introductions, and encourage conversation among residents.
8. Be a resource when able and make appropriate referrals as necessary.
9. Assist residents in adjusting to campus and residential environments.
10. Use bulletin boards to educate residents of important matters and various events.
11. To be an authority figure for residents, RAs may not engage in amorous relationships with residents of the buildings they oversee or violate college policy.
I. Qualifications
A. Minimum of one semester residence in an Albion College residential building.
B. Be a full-time enrolled student.
C. No new or active social issues or status of probation, in line with policies of the Albion College Student Handbook. (Please also see Accountability Matrix)
D. Maintain Good Academic Standing
1. Cumulative GPA needs to be at a 2.7
a. If It falls below, discussions will be had based on the Accountability Matrix.
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